Security Wise (N.W) Limited offers a range of CCTV and observation systems, from residential applications to remote monitored systems with Police response. As an SSAIB accredited installer of CCTV systems you have the peace of mind that we as an installer will recommend the right type of system for your application and budget.

Closed circuit television has evolved over four decades with the last five years moving at a more rapid rate of advancement. From the old days of piles of video tapes to the modern day digital recorders with large hard drives and internet access including the enhanced connectivity to iPhones and similar smart phones.

Video Quality has also improved drastically over the years with full HD Cameras now being made more affordable and available to the public. We can install 1080p cameras which record in full HD and give exceptional video quality in both Daymode and Night mode - as can be seen from the exampels at the top of this page.

CCTV can be used in various applications from seeing who is at your front door right up to process monitoring on large industrial sites. The flexibility of the camera and its control equipment brings more and more control of not only your security requirements but is just as effective as a business management tool.

We have worked hard to source the best possible quality in CCTV systems, not just from the price point but from the quality of the picture and the build quality of the cameras. We work very closely with a small number of suppliers to offer a wide range of systems, all of which we use on our own properties.

Security Wise (N.W) Limited specialises in all areas of commercial CCTV from retail applications right up to out hours monitoring with a proactive CCTV system. Integration with other forms of security systems such as access control are now common practice whether is an ANPR camera that reads car number plates in order to raise or open vehicle gates of barriers, to image capture of employees or visitors utilizing your access control system.

To see what Security Wise (N.W) Limited recommends in the installation or maintenance of a CCTV based system, we offer a custom designed service to fit your requirement. Call 01257 475678 for your free CCTV survey.